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The purpose of the School Council is to make the school better, and to listen to others’ ideas . We meet every two weeks to discuss what we are going to do. One of the ways we have for pupils to share their ideas is the idea box which is very successful. We also get ideas from the Class Council. We have had a lot of ideas these days, such as establishing the Sports Council to get more children to take part in sports. We also have had some more Welsh books for the school pupils.

These are the members of the School Council and their roles.


Chairperson - Morgan Wyn Jones
Secretary - Carys Elain Dukes
Vice chairperson - Elan Llwyd Edwards
Vice secretary - Beca Llwyd Jones
Treasurer - Iwan Emlyn Roberts
Vice treasurer - Deio Llwyd Edwards
Assistant - Annest Elen Morgan

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